Tunes, Trivia & Bingo

Entertainment Line-Up

Step into the vibrant world of Great White Buffalo Brewing Co., where every night is a new adventure! Our entertainment lineup is designed to compliment our exceptional brews and delectable eats, ensuring your time with us is nothing short of memorable. Revel in the rhythms of live music as local bands and artists take the stage, bringing energy and soul to your evenings. Test your knowledge and compete for prizes on Trivia Nights or Music Bingo Night. At Great White Buffalo, we’re more than a brewery, we’re a community hub for entertainment, connection, and joy. So gather your friends, mark your calendars, and make your way to our lively venue, where every visit is a celebration of great times and great company.

Think & Drink

Trivia Night Thursdays

Thursday nights at Great White Buffalo Brewing Co. are not just any ordinary evening, they are Trivia Nights! Join us every Thursday from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM for an engaging and entertaining trivia experience like no other. We host two games back-to-back, giving you double the chance to prove your knowledge and win fantastic prizes. Assemble your smartest friends, form your unbeatable team, and dive into a world of questions spanning various categories. It’s not just about the competition; it’s about coming together, enjoying our handcrafted beers, and maybe learning a thing or two along the way. Whether you’re a trivia aficionado or just looking for a fun night out, we guarantee an evening filled with laughter, learning, and, of course, our delicious brews. Don’t miss out on the fun grab a pint, grab a pencil, and get ready to put your thinking cap on!

Free Fun, Fabulous Tunes, Fantastic Prizes

Music Bingo Nights

Every other Wednesday, the unique beat of Music Bingo takes over Great White Buffalo Brewing Co. starting at 6 PM. Dive into this free-to-play, fun-filled fusion of classic bingo and your favorite tunes. Whether you’re a music buff or just looking to enjoy a midweek pick-me-up, Music Bingo offers something for everyone. Mark your cards as songs play, compete to hit that winning combination, and get ready to shout “Bingo!” at the top of your lungs. With prizes up for grabs and no entry fee, it’s the perfect way to break up your week and indulge in some friendly competition. Bring your friends, grab your favorite brew from our selection, and settle in for an evening where melodies lead to winning moments. Remember, it’s not just about knowing the songs, it’s about experiencing the joy and community of Music Bingo night at Great White Buffalo.


7/3/24, 7/17/24, 7/31/24